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At Aztech, we transform your ideas into beautiful digital experiences, visuals, custom software, and web apps that outlast your current market positioning and help you meet your growth objectives.

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How it started

While working to provide Tech Equity through Loop Coding Center, Geraldo and Angel discovered a real demand for digital services in minority communities. After months of collaboration between the two and many requests from locals, Aztech US became a fully formed LLC on January 1st of 2020. We aim to grow from humble beginnings and become living proof that technology can be a force for good in the world.

How can we help

Our community has supported us in reaching our own business goals, so we'd like to return a helping hand. At Aztech our goal is to assist in business growth, by constructing strong foundations for digital operations through innovative and accessible uses of design + technology. We strive to build equity in our communities by bringing these solutions to our clients: businesses that we genuinely support and want to see succeed.

Aztech Construction
Aztech Website Development


Establishing a strong online presence is the perfect gateway to digitizing business. With websites built to our client's needs, our solutions can be as simple as communicating information to customers or as complex as automated internal operations

  • Static Websites
  • CMS Integrated Sites
  • E Commerce Websites
  • Progressive Web Apps
Aztech Construction


Aztech develops long-term customer experience strategies based on your current business practices. We assist clients in integrating dozens of SaaS products, APIs, and custom software solutions to improve business processes and operations.

  • Creating custom strategies to solve business challenges
  • Assigning appropriate technologies and platforms to manage particular business needs
  • Planning for future operations scaling and maintenance
Aztech Website Development

Custom Apps & Software

Custom development is an excellent way to create software that is tailored to your specific requirements and solves problems that off-the-shelf solutions may not address. Custom development gives you complete control over the software's features and functionality, as well as tailoring of the user experience.

  • Cross-platform Applications
  • Custom Next JS websites
  • Google Cloud Integrations
  • Wordpress Customizations
  • API Integrations & Development
Aztech Visual Development


The product/services you provide will always be what make your business special, but messaging and aesthetics often shape the initial perceptions customers have of your brand. We'll help clarify their idea of who you are.

  • Branding + Identity Design
  • Responsive Web Designs
  • Packaging + Label Designs
  • Advertising
  • Custom Print + Digital Designs

Wanna build on an idea?

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